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Gender and Fascism in Modern France
Melanie Hawthorne, ed.; Richard J. Golsan, ed.

Contemporary French Culture and Society

1997 • 239 pp. 5 illus. 6 x 9"
British & European History

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Discovering the ways gender issues are articulated in the cultures of the extreme right in modern France.

While the relationship between gender and fascism has been fully explored in studies of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, attitudes toward women in the reactionary politics of post-revolutionary France have received little scholarly attention. This collection looks at right-wing ideology and its relation to gender in a variety of historical and cultural contexts, including women's writing, children's stories, film, books, magazines, and propaganda pieces. The volume addresses the question of whether fascism's stereotype as "a pathologically masculine" ideology is indeed true. Essays explore topics like women and anti-Semitism during the Dreyfus affair, Genet and the fantasy of homo-fascism, gendered eugenics, and female icons during the Vichy period. Locating the intersection of gender and the right, the editors explain, significantly alters traditional perspectives on French culture in this century, thereby bringing to light not only new objects of study but challenging a priori assumptions about France's cultural politics.

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MELANIE HAWTHORNE is Associate Professor of French at Texas A&M University.

RICHARD J. GOLSAN, Professor of French at Texas A&M, also edited two UPNE books, Memory, the Holocaust, and French Justice (1996), and Fascism, Aesthetics, and Culture (1992).

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