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Zionism and Religion
Shmuel Almog, ed.; Jehuda Reinharz, ed.; Anita Shapira, ed.

The Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry

1998 • 366 pp. 6 x 9 1/4"
Jewish Studies / Israeli Studies / Religion / Political Science & Government

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"The authors are without exception leading authorities in their respective fields. The subject is of great and growing importance . . . arguably the most important challenge facing Israel and Jews at the present time."—Walter Laqueur

Scholars from Israel and the US examine from various perspectives the relationship between nationalism and religion.

The relationship between nationalism and religion has throughout history been a stormy one, often characterized by antagonisms and antipathy. In this anthology, scholars from Israel and the US examine from various perspectives -- history, sociology, theology, law, political science -- the complex nexus within Judaism of these two sources of repeated ideological and political dispute.

Essays are grouped around four themes: tradition and modernity in Eastern Europe; Orthodoxy, Liberalism, and Zionism in Western Europe; Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Judaism in the United States; and traditional Zionism in the Yishuv. Together these authors address a fundamental question: was religion the essential foundation for Zionism, or a traditional component now amenable to modern interpretation? The result, the editors write, is a clearer understanding that "the permutations in the dynamic interaction between nationalism and religion are not confined solely to the plane of historical events, but are also evident in society and the intellectual sphere."

CONTRIBUTORS: Shlomo Avineri, Israel Bartal, Stuart Cohen, Evyatar Friesel, Lloyd Gartner, Jeffrey Gurock, Israel Kolatt, Ehud Luz, Michael Meyer, Aviezer Ravitzky, Yosef Salmon, Jonathan Sarna, Chaim Schatzker, Yaron Tsur, Robert Wistrich, Steven Zipperstein, Yaakov Zur, and the editors

SHMUEL ALMOG is Professor of Modern Jewish History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. JEHUDA REINHARZ is Richard Koret Professor of Modern Jewish History and President of Brandeis University. ANITA SHAPIRA is Professor of Modern Jewish History, Tel Aviv University.

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