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Magical Realist Fiction
An Anthology
David Young, ed.; Keith Hollaman, ed.

Oberlin College Press


• Nikolai Gogol: The Nose
• Leo Tolstoy: The Porcelain Doll
• Thomas Mann: The Wardrobe
• Hugo Von Hofmannsthal: A Tale of the Cavalry
• Henry James: The Jolly Corner
• Rainer Maria Rilke: The Death of Chamberlain Brigge (excerpt)
• Rainer Maria Rilke: The Hand (excerpt)
• D. H. Lawrence: Odour of Chrysanthemums
• D. H. LAWRENCE: The Blind Man
• Franz Kafka: A Country Doctor
• Franz Kafka: The Bucket Rider
• Isaac Babel: The Sin of Jesus
• Yuri Olesha: Lyompa
• Osip Emilievich Mandelstam: The Egyptian Stamp (excerpt)
• Virginia Woolf: The Great Frost (excerpt)
• Bruno Schulz: The Street of Crocodiles
• Vladimir Nabokov: The Visit to the Museum
• María Luisa Bombal: New Islands
• Henri Michaux: In the Land of Magic (excerpt)
• William Faulkner: The Old People
• Eudora Welty: Moon Lake
• Aníbal Monteiro Machado: The Piano
• Jorge Luis Borges: The Aleph
• Jorge Louis Borges: The South
• Octavio Paz: My Life with the Wave
• John Cheever: The Enormous Radio
• Vjekoslav Kaleb: The Guest
• Tommaso Landolfi: gogol’s Wife
• Alfonso Reyes: Major Aranda’s Hand
• Julio Cortázar: Axolotl
• Julio Cortázar: The Night Face Up
• Alejo Carpentier: Journey to the Seed
• Clarice Lispector: The Smallest Woman in the World
• Carlos Fuentes: Aura
• Elizabeth Bishop: In the Village
• Italo Calvino: The Distance of the Moon
• Italo Calvino: Invisible Cities (excerpt)
• Gabriel García Marquez: A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
• Gabriel García Marquez: Blacamán the Good, Vendor of Miracles
• Robert Escarpit: Cloud Maker
• Donald Barthelme: Views of My Father Weeping
• Milan Kundera: The Angels (excerpt)

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