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Acting on the Past
Historical Performance Across the Disciplines
Mark Franko, ed.; Annette Richards, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


List of Illustrations
• Actualizing Absence: The Pastness of Performance
Absent Bodies Moving Through Time I. The Somatics of the Past: Helen and the Body of Tragedy
• Figural Inversion of Louis XIV’s Dancing Body
• Writing the breast, Performing the Trace: Madame d’Arblay’s Radical Prosthesis
From Authenticity to Performativity II. Like a Performance: Performativity and the Historicized Body, From Bellori to Mapplethorpe
• Rhetorical
Ductus, or Moving through a Composition
• C.P.E. Bach’s Free Fantasia and the Performance of the Imagination
• Performance on Paper: Rewriting the Story of Notational Progress
Re-Enactments III. The Ambivalent Triumph: Corpus Christi in Colonial Cusco, Peru
• Gender Ambiguities and Erotic Excess in Seventeenth-Century Venetian Opera
• Christian Aerobics: The Afterlife of Exxlesia’s Moralized Motions
• Contributor Biographies

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