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The Book of Music and Nature
An Anthology of Sounds, Words, Thoughts
David Rothenberg, ed.; Marta Ulvaeus, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Introduction: Does Nature Understand Music?
• I. Roots of Listening
• Hazrat Inyat Khan, The Music of the Spheres
• Rainer Maria Rilke, Primal Sound
• John Cage, Happy New Ears
• John Cage, Diary: Emma Lake Music Workshop 1965
• Tim Hodgkinson, An Interview with Peirce Schaeffer
• Evan Eisenberg, Deus ex Machina
• . Murray Schafer, Music and the Soundscape
• Tsai Chih Chung, The Music of the Earth
• II. Wild Echoes
• Rafi Zabor, From The Bear Comes Home
• Steve Lacy, Sax Can Moo…
• Russell Sherman, from Piano Pieces
• Jaron Lanier, Music, Nature, and Computers: A Showdown
• David Dunn, Nature, Sound Art, and the Scared
• David James Duncan, My one Conversation With Collin Walcott
• Michael Ondaatje, from Coming through Slaughter
• III. The Landscape of Sound
• Steve Erickson, from Rubicon Beach
• Claude Schryer, The Sharawadji Effect
• Pauline Oliveros, Sonic Images
• Pauline Oliveros, The Poetics of Environmental Sound
• Brian Eno, Ambient Music
• Hildegard Westerkamp, Speaking from Inside the Soundscape
• Douglas Quin, Toothwalkers
• Francisco Lopez, Blind Listening
• David Toop, from Exotica
• Robert Schneider, from Brother of Sleep
• IV. Many Natures, Many Cultures
• John Luther Adams, The Place Where You Go to Listen
• Toru Takemitsu, Nature and Music
• Steven Feld, Lift-Up-Over Sounding
• Eric Salzman, Sweet Singer of the Pine Barrens
• Bernie Krause, Where the Sounds Live
• Junichiro Tanizaki, from “A Portrait of Shunkin”
• V. The Disc of Music and Nature (audio)
• Contributors
• Permissions
• Index

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