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Moving History/Dancing Cultures
A Dance History Reader
Ann Dils, ed.; Ann Cooper Albright, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Ann Dils and Ann Cooper Albright: First Steps: Moving into the Study of Dance History
• Section 1 -- Thinking About Dance History: Theory and Practices
• Kent C. Bloomer & Charles W. Moore: Some Twentieth-Century Models of Sense Perception
• Deborah Jowitt: Writing Beneath the Surface
• Joan Acocella: Imagining Dance
• Millicent Hodson: Searching for Nijinsky's Sacre
• Deidre Sklar: Five Premises for a Culturally Sensitive Approach to Dance
• Joann Kealiinohomoku: An Anthropologist Looks at Ballet as a Form of Ethnic Dance
• Ramsay Burt: The Trouble with the Male Dancer
• Ann Cooper Albright: Strategic Abilities: Negotiating the Disabled Body in Dance
• Sally Ann Ness: Dancing in the Field: Notes from Memory
• Section 2 -- World Dance Traditions
• Erika Bourgignon: Trance and Ecstatic Dance
• Avanthi Meduri: Bharatha Natyam -- What Are You?
• Lisa Doolittle and Heather Elton: Medicine of the Brave
• Shawna Helland: The Belly Dance: Ancient Ritual to Cabaret Performance
• Karin van Nieuwkerk: Changing Images and Shifting Identities: Female Performers in Egypt
• Kariamu Welsh Asante: Commonalities in African Dance: An Aesthetic Foundation
• Z. S. Strother: Invention and Re-invention in the Traditional Arts
• Barbara Browning: Headspin: Capoeira's Ironic Inversions
• Lee Kyong-hee: Epitome of Korean Folk Dance
• Judy Van Zile: The Many Faces of Korean Dance
• Mark Franko: Writing Dancing
• Catherine Turocy: Beyond La Danse Noble: Conventions in Choreography and Dance Performance at the Time of Rameau's Hippolyte et Aricie
• Lynn Garafola: The Travesty Dancer in Nineteenth-Century Ballet
• Susan Allene Manning and Melissa Benson: Interrupted Continuities: Modern Dance in Germany
• Section 3 -- America Dancing
• Sharyn R. Udall: The Irresistible Other: Hopi Ritual Drama and Euro-American Audiences
• Marian Hannah Winter: Juba and American Minstrelsy
• Jane Desmond: Dancing Out the Difference: Cultural Imperialism and Ruth St. Denis's "Radha" of 1906
• Julie Malnig: Two-Stepping to Glory
• Ann Daly: The Natural Body
• Deborah Jowitt: Form as the Image of Human Perfectibility and Natural Order
• Marcia B. Siegel: The Harsh and Splendid Heroines of Martha Graham
• Ellen Graff: The Dance is a Weapon
• Nancy Reynolds: In His Image: Diaghilev and Lincoln Kirstein
• Brenda Dixon Gottschild: Stripping the Emperor: The Africanist Presence in American Concert Dance
• Thomas DeFrantz: Simmering Passivity: The Black Male Body in Concert Dance
• Sally Banes: Choreographic Methods of the Judson Dance Theater
• Deborah Jowitt: Chance Heroes. Merce Cunningham
• Section 4 -- Contemporary Dance: Global Contexts
• Cynthia Jean Cohen Bull (aka Novak): Looking at Movement as Culture: Contact Improvisation to Disco
• Peter Ryan: 10,000 Jams Later: Contact Improvisation in Canada 1974–95
• Bonnie Sue Stein: Butoh: "Twenty Years Ago We Were Crazy, Dirty and Mad"
• Steve Paxton: Improvisation Is a Word for Something That Can't Keep a Name •Kathleen Foreman: Dancing on the Endangered List: Aesthetics and Politics of Indigenous Dance in the Philippines
• Ananya Chatterjea: Chandralekha: Negotiating the Female Body and Movement in Cultural/Political Signification
• Uttara Coorlawala: Ananya and Chandralekha -- A Response to "Chandralekha: Negotiating the Female Body and Movement in Cultural/Political Signification"
• Ann Cooper Albright: Embodying History: Epic Narrative and Cultural Identity in African-American Dance
• Susan Foster: Simply (?) the Doing of it, Like Two Arms Going Round and Round
• Richard Povall: A Little Technology Is a Dangerous Thing
• Lisa Marie Naugle: Technique/Technology/Technique
• Ann Dils: Absent/Presence

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