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Converging Movements
Modern Dance and Jewish Culture at the 92nd Street Y
Naomi M. Jackson

Wesleyan University Press


• Illustrations
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction: Democracy, Diversity, Dance, and the Jewish Encounter with America
• Jews and American Culture: The 92nd Street Y and Wiliam Kolodney
• Founding the YM-YWHA Dance Center, 1934-1936
• Democracy in Action: Educating the Human Being through Dance
• Audience Building, Jews, and Global Culture: The First Season of the Merry-Go-Rounders
• Producing on the Edge: The Y as Debut Dance Hall and Alternative Performance Space
• Choreographing Difference: The Aesthetics of Diversity
• Synthesizing the Universal and Particular: Producing “Jewish Dance” at the Y
• A Postmodern Precursor: The Y’s Legacy beyond the 1960’s
• Appendixes

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