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Mexican Musical Life Across Borders
Helena Simonett

Wesleyan University Press


• List of Illustrations
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• I. The Technobanda Craze in Los Angeles: Popular Music and the Politics of Identity
• A New Sound in “Nuevo L.A.”
• The Quebradita Dance Craze
• Technobanda and the Politics of Identity
• II. A Social History of Banda Music: From Rural/Local/Traditional to Urban/Transregional/Commercial
• The Sociohistorical Roots of Banda Music
• Music in the Center, Music on the Periphery
• Tradition: Sedimentation and Innovation
• III. The Transnational Dimension of Banda Music: Narco Subculture and Contemporary Influences
• The Music of Transnational Subculture
• Another Sound in “Nuevo L.A.”
• Technoband’s Lasting Influence
• Epilogue
• Appendix: Dancers’ Voices
• Notes
• Selected Bibliography
• Selected Discography
• Permissions
• Index

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