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Papa, Play for Me
The Autobiography of Mickey Katz
Mickey Katz; Joel Grey, fwd.; Josh Kun, intro.

Wesleyan University Press


• Foreword by Joel Grey
• Introduction by Josh Kun
• An Now- Heeerrrrrre’s Mickey!
• A Kitten is Born
• Worms in the Big Apple or Oy Vey- It’s Louis & Kay!
• The Steamer Goodtime Shook, Rattled and Rolled
• What Did You Do in the War, Daddy? City Slickers and Shikkers
• Hold that Tiger, Hal Zeiger
• We Ring the Bell at the Wilshire Ebell-Papa and Son Joel
• Of Dice and Men-Also Broads…Next Stop-Las Vegas!
• I Meet Some Alter Cockneys and Ronnie Calls Collect
• Nuptials for Yossel (Joel) and Katz in the Katzkills
• What Am I Doing in Africa!
• Grace’s Faces and Meyer the Friar
• My Son, the Computer, and Everybody Gives Katz de Clap
• Mickey Katz Discography

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