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My Body, The Buddhist
Deborah Hay; Susan Foster, intro.

Wesleyan University Press


• Foreword – Susan Leigh Foster
• Acknowledgements
• Introduction
• My Body Benefits in Solitude
• My Body Finds Energy in Surrender
• My Body Enjoys Jokes, Riddles, and Games
• My Body Engages in Work
• My Body Commits to Practice
• My Body Seeks Comfort But Not For Long
• My Body is Limited by Physical Presence
• My Body Knowingly Participates in its Appearances
• My Body Likes Rest
• My Body is Bored by Answers
• My Body Seeks More Than One View of Itself
• My Body Delights in Resourcefulness
• My Body Trusts the Unknown
• My Body Feels Weightless in the Presence of Paradox
• My Body Equates Patience with Renewal
• My Body Hears Many Voices, Not One Voice
• My Body Relaxes When Thoughts Abate
• My Body is Held in the Present
• A Chronicle of Performance Practices by Deborah Hay

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