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Where Id Was
Challenging Normalization in Psychoanalysis
Anthony Molino, ed.; Christine Ware, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Notes on Contributors
• Introduction
• Part I: Reappraisals
• Normalization and its Discontents, Suzanne R. Kirschner
• Freud-Baiting, Paul Williams
• What is a Psychoanalyst? Haya Oakley
• Psychoanalysis as a Surrogate for Life Experience, Simona Argentieri
• Psychoanalysis and the Function of Consciousness, David M. Black
• Part II: At the Boundaries of Theory and Practice
• Analysis: Growth or Cure? Luigi Zoja
• The Ethic of Psychoanalysis: The Fundamental Rule to be Honest M. Guy Thompson
• Subjects of Perversion, Noreen O’Connor
• Sexuality, Psychoanalysis and Social Change Juliet Mitchell
• Cutting, Christopher Bollas
• Part III Self and Culture
• Moments of the Self in Psychoanalysis and Anthropology: A Conversation with Vincent Crapanzo
• Protean Impulses: A conversation with Robert Jay Lifton
• A Challenge from Without: A Conversation with Dorinne Kondo
• Between Meaning and Madness: The Altered States of Hispanics in the USA, Patricia Gherovici
• How did Nietzche Get into the Nursery? David Mariott
• Italy’s Subjection of Psychoanalysis: A Case-Study Look at Regulatory Politics, Anthony Molino
• Part IV: Challenging Normalization in Psychoanalysis
• The Possibilities of Pleasure: A Conversation with Adam Phillips
• Suffering from Biobabble: Searching for a Science of Subjectivity, Polly Young-Eisendrath
• Reflections on Values in Psychoanalysis, Jeffrey B. Rubin
• Psychoanalysis: A Rendezvous with Disappointment, Chris Oakley
• Dreaming Outside of Ourselves, James Hilman
• Afterword
• Delirium, or the Sway of Desire, Anthony Molino

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