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Companion Spider
Clayton Eshleman; Adrienne Rich, intro.

Wesleyan University Press


• Foreword – Adrienne Rich
• I
• Novices: A Study of Poetic Apprenticeship
• II
• The Gull Wall
• Remarks to a Poetry Workshop
• The Lorca Working
• Companion Spider
• III At The Locks of the Void: Cotranslating Aimé Césaire
• A Tribute to Américo Ferrari
• A Translational Understanding of Trilce #I
• Introduction to Watchfiends & Rack Screams
• Artaud’s True Family, Glimpsed at Pompidou
• IV
• A Note on the Death of Paul Celan
• Two Introductions: Gary Snyder and Michael Palmer
• Padgett the Collaborator
• Spider Sibyls
• V
• Gospel According to Norton
• Complexities of Witness
• “What Is American About American Poetry?”
• The Lawless Germinal Element
• Introduction to the Final Issue of Sulfur Magazine
• VI
• From an Interview with Duane Davis For Waste Paper (1993)
• From an Interview with William Harmer for Agenda (1994)
• From an Interview with Keith Tuma for Contemporary Literature (1996)
• Medusa Dossier: Clayton Eshleman (1999)

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