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Impossible Dance
Club Culture and Queer World-Making
Fiona Buckland

Wesleyan University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Timeline
• Introduction: Impossible Dance
• The Theater of Queer World-Making
• The Currency of Fabulousness: Fashioning the Self, Fashioning the Lifeworld
• Slaves to the Rhythm? Using Music, Space, Dance, and the Ideas of the Body
• The Order of Play: Choreographing Queer Politics
• Only When I Lose Myself in Someone Else: Desire, Mimesis and Transcendence
• Closer: Crackdown, Community, and the Physicality of Queerness
• Mr. Mesa’s Ticket: Memory and Dance at the Body Positive T-Dance
• Method
• Informants
• Locations of Clubs Mentioned
• How the City Planning Commission of the City of New York Defines “Adult Establishment”
• Regulations and Licenses
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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