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Global Noise
Rap and Hip Hop Outside the USA
Tony Mitchell, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Introduction: Another Root- Hip-Hop Outside the USA, Tony Mitchell
• Postcolonial Popular Music in France: Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Andre J.M. Prevos
• Islamic Hip-Hop vs. Islamophobia: Aki Nawaz, Natacha Alas, Akhenaton, Ted Swedenburg
• Urban Breakbeat Culture: Repercussions of Hip-Hop in the United Kingdom, David Hesmondhalgh & Caspar Melville
• Rap in Germany: The Birth of a Genre III. Mark Pennay
• Rap in Bulgaria: Between Fashion and Reality, Claire Levy
• Rap in the Low Countries: Global Dichotomies on a National Scale, Mir Wermuth
• “We Are All Malcolm X!” Negu Gorriak, Hip-Hop, and the Basque Political Imaginary, Jaqueline Urla
• Fightin’ da Faida: The Italian Posses and Hip-Hop in Italy, Tony Mitchell
• A History of Japanese Hip-Hop: Street Dance, Club Scene, Pop Market, Ian Condry
• “Who is a Dancing Hero?”: Rap, Hip-Hop, and Dance in Korean Popular Culture, Sarah Morelli
• Sydney Stylee: Hip-Hop Down Under Comin’ Up, Ian Maxwell
• Kia Kaha! (Be Strong!): Maori and Pacific Islander Hip-Hop in Aotearoa- New Zealand, Tony Mitchell
• Rap in Canada: Bilingual and Multicultural, Roger Chamberland
• Notes on Contributors
• Index

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