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Music and Technoculture
René T. A. Lysloff, ed.; Leslie C. Gay, Jr., ed.; Andrew Ross, afterword

Wesleyan University Press


Chapter One
Intoduction: Ethnomusicology in the Twenty-first Centure - Rene T. A. Lysloff and Leslie C. Gay, Jr.
• Chapter Two
Musical Life in Softcity: An Internet Ethnography - Rene T. A. Lysloff
• Chapter Three
A Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery: Trnsitional Music Sampling and Enigma's "Return to Innocence" - Timothy D. Taylor
• Chapter Four
"Ethnic Sounds": The Economy and Discourse of the Wold Music Sampling - Paul Theberge
• Chapter Five
Technology and the Prayer in Singapore - Tong Soon Lee
• Chapter Six
• Plugged in at Home: Vietnamese American Technoculture in Orange County -
Deborah Wong
• Chapter Seven
• Technology and Identity In Colobian Popular Music:
Tecno-macondismo in Carlos Vives's Approach to Vallenato - Janet L. Sturman
• Chapter Eight
• The Nature/Technology Binary Opposition Dismantled in the Music of Madonna and Bjork -
Charity Marsh and Melissa West
• Chapter Nine
• Before the Deluge: The Technoculture of Song-Sheet Publishing Viewed from Late-Niniteenth-Century Gavelston -
Leslie G. Gay, Jr.
• Chapter Ten
• Stretched from Manhattan's Back Alley to MOMA: A Social History of Magnetic Tape and Recording -
Matthew Malsky
• Chapter Eleven
• Tails Out: Social Phenomenolgy and the Ethnographic Representation of Technology in Music Making -
Thomas G. Porcello
• Chapter Twelve
• "There's not a problem I can't fix, 'cause I can do it in the mix" : On the Performative Technoloy of 12-Inch Vinyl -
Kai Fikentscher
• Chapter Thirteen
• Sounds Like the Mall of America: Programmed Music and the Architectonics of Commercial Space -
Jonathan Sterne
Chapter Fourteen
• Consuming Audio: An Introduction to Tweak Theory -
Marc Perlman
• Chapter Fifteen
• Fairly Used: Negativeland's U2 and the Precarious Practice of Acoustic Appropriation -
David Sanjek
• Afterword: Back to Basics with the Roland -
Andrew Ross
• List of Contributors
• Index

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