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Wired for Sound
Engineering and Technologies in Sonic Cultures
Paul D. Greene, ed.; Thomas Porcello, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Introduction: Wired Sound and Sonic Cultures – Paul D. Greene
• Reaching “Overseas”: South African Sound Engineers, Technology, and Tradition – Louise Menitjes
• “The Disc is Not the Avenue”: Live and Studio Aesthetics in Samba Recording – Frederick J. Moehn
• Nigel Pegrum, “Didjeridu-Friendly Sections,” and What Constitutes an “Indigenous” CD: An Australian Case Study of Producing “World Music” Recordings – Karl Neuenfeldt
• Music Mediated as Live in Austin: Sound, Technology, and Recording Practice – Thomas Porcello
• Media as Social Action: Native American Musicians in the Recording Studio - Beverley Diamond
• Engineering Techno-Hybrid Grooves in Indonesian Sound Studios – Jeremy Wallach
• Short-Circuiting Perceptual Systems: Timbre in Ambient and Techno Music – Cornelia Fales
• “Heaviness” in the Perception of Heavy Metal Guitar Timbres: The Match of Perceptual and Acoustic Features over Time – Harris M. Berger and Cornelia Fales
• Mixed Messages: Unsettled Cosmopolitanisms in Nepali Pop – Paul D. Greene
• The Soundscape of the Radio: Engineering Modern Songs and Superculture in Nepal – Ingemmar Grandin
• Music and the Rise of Radio: Technological Imperialism, Socialization, and the Transformation of Intimac y – Timothy D. Taylor
• Afterward – Thomas Porcello

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