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Soundscapes and Shattered Songs in Jamaican Reggae
Michael Veal

Wesleyan University Press


• List of Illustrations
• Acknowledgments
• Electronic Music in Jamaica: Dub in the Continuum of Jamaican Music
• “Every Spoil Is A Style”: The Evolution of Dub Music in the 1970s
• The “Backbone” of Studio One
• “Jus' Like A Volcano in Yuh Head!”
• Tracking the “Living African Heartbeat”
• “Java” to “Africa”
• “City Too Hot”: The End of the Roots Era and the Significance of Dub to the Digital Era of Jamaican Music
Starship Africa: The Acoustics of Diaspora and of the Postcolony
• Coda: Electronica, Remix Culture, and Jamaica as a Source of Transformative Strategies in Global Popular Music
• Appendix: Recommended Listening
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index of Songs and Recordings
• Index of General Subjects

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