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The Returns of Alwin Nikolais
Bodies, Boundaries and the Dance Canon
Claudia Gitelman, ed.; Randy Martin, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Editors’ Preface - Claudia Gitelman and Randy Martin
• A Guide to Color Plates - Claudia Gitelman
• Nikolais Returns - Randy Martin
• Sense Your Mass Increasing with Your Velocity: Alwin Nikolais’ Pedagogy of Unified Decentralization - Claudia Gitelman
• The Omniloquence of Alwin Nikolais - Marcia B. Siegel
• Artisans of Space - Marcia B. Siegel
• Alwin Nikolais—Dancing Across Borders - Yvonne Hardt
• Being Motion: Alwin Nikolais’ Queer Objectivity - Rebekah Kowal
• Flights of Angels, Scattered Seeds - Herbert Blau
• The Music of Alwin Nikolais: A Provisional Study - Bob Gilmore
• Motional Abstraction: Alwin Nikolais’ Formalism - Philip Auslander
• Period Plots, Canonical Stages, and Post-Metanarrative in American Modern Dance - Mark Franko
• Before Henry Street: An Undated Memoir - Alwin Nikolais
• “On Nikolais” - Murray Louis
• Critical Reception of the Choreography of Alwin Nikolais - Compiled and edited by Naima Prevots
• Chronology of the Choreography of Alwin Nikolais - Researched and compiled by Jana Feinman
• Log of Company Performances - Compiled by Claudia Gitelman
• Contributors
• Index
• Color plates follow page 114

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