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Politics of Knowledge
The Commercialization of the University, the Professions, and Print Culture
Richard Ohmann; Janice Radway, fwd.

Wesleyan University Press


• Foreword, by Janice Radway
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• English and the Cold War
• English and the USSR
• Some Changes across Thirty-Five Years
• Teaching Historically
• Graduate Students, Professionals, Intellectuals
• Politics and Commitment in Writing Instruction, as It Became a Profession
• What’s Happening to the University and the Professions? Can History Tell?
• Teaching Literacy for Citizenship
• Historical Reflections on Accountability
• Academic Freedom, 2000 and After
• Book and Magazine Publishing through the Period of Corporate Revolution
• Epochal Change: Print Culture and Economics
• The Personal as History
• A Conversation between Richard Ohmann and John Trimbur
• English in America Revisited: Richard Ohmann Talks with Jeffrey Williams
• Notes
• Permissions
• Index
• About the Author

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