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The Teatro Solís
150 Years of Opera, Concert and Ballet in Montevideo
Susana Salgado; E. Thomas Glasow, fwd.; Julio Marìa Sanguinetti, pref.

Wesleyan University Press


1516-1829: The Solis Tradition

• 1830-1856: The Italian Opera in the Americas and the Antecedents of the Teatro Solis
• 1839-1856: The Construction of the Teatro Solis
• August 25, 1856: The Opening of the Teatro Solis
• 1857-1858: A Triumphant Enrico Tamberlick Opens the Second Solis Season - Anna Bishop: A Soprano To Remember - Artur Napoleao and Oscar Pfeiffer: Two First Piano Virtuosi
• 1859-1866: Anna de la Grange and Raffaele Mirate: Two Stars and Three Companies in the Same Season
• 1867-1869 Louis Moreau Gottschalk, First American Pianist and Composer
• 1870-1876: Carlotta Patti - Pablo de Sarasate - Two Rossini Premieres -A Great Basso Buffo: Alessandro Bottero-Luisa Gal
lo-Il Guarany
• 1878-1887 - The First Uroguayan Opera: Tomas Giribaldi
’s Parisima - Fracesco Tamagno’s First Season at the Teatro Solis - More Debuts: Gemma Bellincioni and Roberto Stagno, Medea Mei and Nikolay Figner, Eva Tetrazzini
• 1888-1889 - Adelina Patti, Nineteenth-Century Superstar
- Otello’s Uroguayan Premiere: Romilda Pantaleoni and Roberto Sagno-Mattia Battistini, “The King of Baritones”
• 1890-1894 - Jose Oxilia: The Uruguayan Otello - Young Antonio Scotti’s Falstaff - Edoardo Mascheroni: The First Notable Conductor - Seven Opera Premieres and a Famous Zarzuela
• 1865-1897
- La Boheme Premiere with Hariclea Darclee and Emilio De Marchi - Francesco Tamagno Singing Otello - An Ideal Werther: Fernando De Lucia - Edoardo Mascheroni Conducts Seven New Operas - Florencio Consantino’s Debut• 1898-1899 - Montevideo and Its New Theaters - Luisa Tetrazzini - Two Bohemes and a Young Conductor: Giorgio Polacco - Regina Pacini - Luis Sambucetti’s Suite d’orchestre
• 1900 - The Turn of the Century: From “La Belle Epoque” to Challenging Times -Opera as a Fashionable Social Event - Impresarios and Opera Business - Teatro Solis Carnival Masked Balls - Opera Programs and a Vanishing Collection
• 1901-1902 - Two New Stars at the Solis: Maria Barrientos and Giuseppe Anselmi -
A Tosca to Remember with Hariclea Darclee and Edoardo Garbin - The Death of Maestro Luigi Preti, The Solis’ First Conductor
• 1903 - The Rise of a Golden Age: The Arrival of Arturo Toscanini and Enrico Caruso
• 1904-1906 - Rosina Storchio a
nd Madama Butterfly - The Opening of the Teatro Urquiza - Puccini Visits Montevideo - Toscanini Conducts the Teatro Solis Golden Jubilee - Salomea Kruszelnicka
• 1861-1918 - Glitter and Gaiety at Solis Operetta Seasons - The First American Musica
l: The Black Crook - An outstanding English Operetta Season - Lehar Works Close Half a Century of Frivlous and Nonchalant Operettas
• 1907-1914 - Leopoldo Mugnone Conducts Massenet and Wagner Uruguayan Premieres - An Overnight Star: Amelita Galli-Curci-Mascagni’s Arrival
- Isabeau-Celestina Boninsegna - Guglielmo Ratcliff- Parsifal - The Ballets Russes: Vaslav Nijinsky and Tamara Karsavina
• 1914-1916 - Titta Ruffo: “Not a Voice but a Miracle” - Tito Schipa - Elivira de Hidalgo - Rosa Raisa - Giovanni Martinelli -
A Pagliacci to Remember - Riccardo Zandonai’s Francesca da Rimini - Uruguayan Opera World Premiere: Cesar Cortinas’ La ultima gavota - Camille Saint-Saens’ Arrival and Performance - The French Season: Andre Massager and Xavier Leroux Conduct Their Operas - Ninon Vallin
• 1917 - A Unique Performance: Artur Rubenstein and Vaslav Nijinsky - Ernest Ansermet and a New Season of the Ballets Russes - New Voices: Fanny Anitua and Marcelo Urizar - Uruguayan World Premiere: Cesar Cortina
s’ La sulamita-Gino Marinuzzi Conducts Puccini’s La rondine Premiere
• 1918-1922 - Beniamino Gigli and Claudia Muzio - Lucien Muratore - Four Uruguayan Premiere
s: Madame Sans-Gene, Monna Vanna, Fedra, and Le roi de Lahore - Anna Pavlova- Recitals: Yolanda Mero, Frances Nash, Edouard Risler, Artur Rubenstein, and Ricardo Vines - Feliz Weingartner and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
• 1923-1928- Richard Strauss Conduc
ts Elektra and the Vienna Philharmonic - Debut of Nine Celebrated Singers - “A Gentleman of the Stage”: The Baritone Vicor Damiani -Two Premieres: Boris Godunov and La cena delle beffe - Beethoven Centennial Concerts
• 1929-1930 - A Russian Opera Season-Bidu Sayao and Jan Kiepura - Rosette Anday’s Carmen-Ottorin Respighi Conducts and Plays His Works - Guiomar Novaes - Wanda Landowska - Elizabeth Schumann - Jaques Thibaud – Feodor Chaliapin - The Creation of the SORDRE
• 1931-1955 - Solis Versus SODRE: The Struggle for Survival - Lily Pons-The “Soler Miracle”- the Centro Cultural de Musica - An Impressi
ve Porgy and Bess
• 1956-1984 - The Teatro Solis Centennial - Political Turmoil and the Fall of the Cultural life - The Burning of the SODRE - From a Military Dictatorship to Democracy
• EPILOGUE: Opera, Conert, and Ballet on the Teatro Solis Stage- The Begnning of a New Era - Facing the Future
• Chronology
• Artists who Performed at the Teatro Solis
• Musical Worlds Performed at the Teatro Solis
• Instrumental Ensembles that Performed at the Teatro Solis
• Vocal Ensembles that Performed at the Teatro Solis
• Ballet Companies that Performed at the Teatre Solis
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