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Culture on Ice
Figure Skating & Cultural Meaning
Ellyn Kestnbaum

Wesleyan University Press


• Meaning and Figure Skating
• A General Theory of Meaning
• Skating as a Signifying System
• How Figure Skating and Its Meanings Developed
• The Beginnings of Skating on Ice
• Issues in the Development of Figure Skating
• Specularity
• Cultural Meanings of Ladies' Figure Skating
• Critiques of Skating's Feminine Ideal
• Girls versus Ladies
• Masculinity on Edge
• Figure Skating and "Real" Manhood
• Out of the Closet
• Compulsory Mating Dances
• Defining Duos
• Gendered Meanings in Crisis
• Spectatorship
• Intimate Pleasures: Skating Fandom
• Conclusion
• Appendix: The Technical Basis of Figure Skating

Tue, 15 May 2018 15:21:33 -0500