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Envisioning the Future
Science Fiction and the Next Millennium
Marleen S. Barr

Wesleyan University Press


FUTURE PAST Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century – Neil Postman
• The End-of-the-World Ball – James Gunn
• FUTURE PRESENT Reflections on What Remains of Zamyatin’s
We after the Change of Leviathans: Must Collectivism Be against People? – Darko Suvin
• The Coming of Christ the Joker – George Zebrowski
• Goodbye to All That – Harlan Ellison
• FUTURE PERFECT Superfeminist; or, A Hanukah Carol – Marleen S. Barr
• Utmost Bones – Pamela Sargent
• Love and Sex in the Year 3000 – Marge Piercy
• Cyberteratologies: Female Monsters Negotiate the Other’s Participation in Humanity’s Far Future – Rosi Braidotti
• FUTURE CRITICAL "You Must Have Seen a Lot of Changes": Fiction beyond the Twenty-first Century – Patrick Parrinder
• Review: What Was Science Fiction? – Eric S. Rabkin
• Review: Sciene in the Third Millennium – Kim Stanley Robinson
• Black to the Future – Walter Mosley

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