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False Prophet
Field Notes from the Punk Underground
Steven Taylor

Wesleyan University Press


BOOK ONE The Subject in Question: Punk Paradox and the Problem of Culture
• Who You Calling a Punk, Punk?
• Revolution in Punk Poetics
• Identity Is the Crisis, Can’t You See?
• Death and Transfiguration: The Rock Alternative and Alternative Rock
• What Good Is It?
• Deliberate Amnesia: Punk’s Origin Myths
• Baudelaire’s Dandy and a Chick Who Looks Like a Crow
• No Future
• Hardcore
• Between Reality and Thesis

• BOOK TWO You Want to Get Paid? Oh. I’ll Have to Talk to the Band
• On the Road o So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star
• To Hell and Back
• How Do You Feel about Your Negative Result?
• Back to Hell
• Never Again (Again)
• Last Blast
• P.S. When’s the Reunion?
• Appendix:
Invisible People: Lyrics to accompanying CD

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