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A Sense of Wonder
Samuel R. Delany, Race, Identity, and Difference
Jeffrey Allen Tucker

Wesleyan University Press


Dangerous and Important Differences: Samuel R. Delany and the Politics of Identity
• Contending Forces: Racial and Sexual Narratives in
• The Empire of Signs: Slavery, Semiotics, and Sexuality in the Return to Nevèrÿon Series
• The Window of Autobiography:
The Motion of Light in Water
• Magic, Memory, and Migration:
Atlantis: Model 1924
• A Revolution from Within: Paraliterature as AIDS Activism
• M.C. Escher’s “Mobius Strip II”
• Klein Bottle
• Necker Cube
• “Tales of Nevèrÿon”
• “Neveryóna”
• “Flight from Nevèrÿon”

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:08 -0500