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Amy Newman

Wesleyan University Press


• To move under the influence of gravity; especially, to drop without restraint
• To come to rest; strike bottom; land: The world first fell from the firmament
• To drop oneself from an erect to a less erect position: He stumbled and fell
• To hang down: Eve’s hair fell in ringlets
• To be conquered or seized
• To yield to temptation; To err or sin
• To lose one’s chastity. Used especially of a woman
• Appendix a
• Appendix b
• To assume an expression of disappointment: His face fell
• To undergo a reduction in amount, degree, or value; To diminish
• To divide naturally. Used with into: The specimens fell into three categories
• Appendix c
• -fall back. To give ground; recede; retreat
• -fall for. Informal. 1. To become infatuated with; fall suddenly in love with. 2. To be tricked or deceived by; be taken in by
• -fall among. To come by chance into the company of
• -fall behind. To be in arrears
• -fall on (or upon). To attack suddenly; ambush
• -fall away. 1. To decline; languish; weaken. 2. To withdraw support; part company
• -fall under. To succumb to; come under an influence or power
• -fall foul. To become entangled
• -fall flat. Informal. To fail completely to achieve the intended effect
• -fall back on (or upon). 1. To retreat to. 2. To resort to
• -fall in with. To come to an agreement
• -fall to. 1. To begin (a physical activity) energetically. 2. To shut or move into place by itself
• -N. NOUN
• That which has fallen
• Usually capital F. Theology. Adam’s sin of disobeying God by eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, and the consequent loss of innocence and grace of all his descendents
• A sudden drop from a relatively erect to a less erect position: He fell to his knees
• An ornamental cascade of lace or trimming attached to the dress, usually at the collar
• The amount of what has fallen
• The end of a cable, rope, or chain that is pulled by the power source in hoisting
• The act or instance of falling; a dropping down; free descent
• The birth of an animal, especially, the birth of a lamb
• Appendix d
• Appendix e
• A downward movement or a slope
• Often capital F. Autumn

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