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The Last Clear Narrative
Rachel Zucker

Wesleyan University Press


• A Kind of Catastrophe
• Marriage Is
• Registry
• Wedding
• Propriety
• Property
• Whitewash
• At Night
• Against Disappointment
• Nights Drawn Together
• In Your Version of Heaven I Am Younger
• When I Knock on the Wall of the Next Stanza
• The Moon Has a Reputation for Being Fickle
• Trying to Reassure You (7 weeks)
• Stars and Suns of My Body (10 Weeks)
• Woman in the Mirror Says she Knows Me but I Will Not Let Her In (14 Weeks)
• Being Marked or Obvious (18 weeks)
• What the Living Look Like
• Endnotes for What the Living Look Like
• Rather a Structure or Process (21 Weeks)
• The Twenty-Seventh Week
• Thistle or Letter to My Husband (33 Weeks)
• I Cannot Write Essays Will Not Be Famous
• Sonnet Non-Volta
• The Window Is One-Sided It Does Not Admit
• The Rise in the Avenue
• Between Here and This
• Having a Baby Atom Bomb
• Not Knowing Nijinsky or Diaghilev
• What I Want You to See Is She When Not Here As in Now
• The Argument Was Simple
• The Desserts Will Make You Stupid with Happiness
• One Night As I Was Driftin gOff to Sleep
• Despite Reports Curious George Not a Monkey Has No Tail
• Viviparity
• Five Days on Fire Island or "Marriage Opens a Panel on a Lacquered Box"
• My Friend Leaves His Wife and Two Young Children and See How I Abuse Him with My Title
• Like Water but Less Steady
• Here Happy is No part of Love
• Notes and Dedications
• Acknowledgments
• About the Author

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