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About Writing
Seven Essays, Four Letters, & Five Interviews
Samuel R. Delany

Wesleyan University Press


Preface and Acknowledgments
• An Introduction: Emblems of Talent
Seven Essays - Teaching / Writing
• Thickening the Plot
• Characters
• On Pure Story Telling
• Of Doubts and Dreams
• After Almost No Time at All the String on Which He had Been Pulling and Pulling Came Apart into Two Separate
• Pieces So Quickly He Hardly Realized It Had Snapped,
or: Reflections on
• “The Beach Fire”
• Some Notes for the Intermediate and Advanced Creative Writing Student
Four Letters - Letter to P-
• Letter to Q-
• Letter to R-
• Letter to S-
Five Interviews - A Para•doxa Interview: Experimental Writing/Texts & Questions
• An
American Literary History Interview: The Situation of American Writing Today
• A
Poetry Project Newsletter Interview: A Silent Interview
• A
Black Clock Interview
• A
Para•doxa Interview: Inside and Outside the Canon
• APPENDIX: Nits, Nips, Tucks, and Tips - Name, Date, Place
• Read Widely
• Grammar and Parts of Speech
• Sentences
• Punctuating Dialogue
• A Final Note on Dialogue
• Apostrophes
• Dramatic Structure
• Excitement, Drama, Suspense, Surprise, Violence
• Point of View
• First Person
• Trust Your Image
• Write What You Know

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