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Star Begotten
A Biological Fantasia
H.G. Wells; John Huntington, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Acknowledgements
• Introduction
• Note on the Text
• The Mind of Mr Joseph Davis is Greatly Troubled
• Mr Joseph Davis Learns about Cosmic Rays
• Mr Joseph Davis Wrestles with an Incredible Idea
• Dr Holdman Stedding is Infected with the Idea
• Professor Ernest Keppel takes Up the Idea in his Own Peculiar Fashion
• Opening Phases of the Great Eugenic Research
• The World Begins to Hear about the Martians
• How These Star Begotten People may Presently Get Together
• Professor Keppel is Inspired to Foretell the End of Humanity
• Mr Joseph Davis tears up a Manuscript
• Notes to Introduction
• Notes to Star Begotten

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