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American Science Fiction TV
Star Trek, Stargate, and Beyond
Jan Johnson-Smith

Wesleyan University Press


• PART ONE Chapter One: Science Fiction in Context
• Origins
• Questions of Genre
• Creating New Worlds
• Formalism and Realism
• Science Fiction and Estrangement
• The Novum
• Post Modernism
• The Language of Science Fiction
• Themes
• Speculative Epics
• The Gothic and the Sublime
• Chapter Two: Histories: The Frontier, Television, and Televisuality
• American History
• Creating a Destiny
• Mise-en-scence and Special Effects
• Television
• Location Television
• Repetition and Mass Media
• Narrative Forms
• Suspense
• Science Fiction and Television
• Televisuality

• PART TWO Chapter Three: Yesterday’s Enterprise: Representation, Ideology, and Language in Star Trek
• Chapter Four: The Sacrifices of Angels: Military History and Ideology
• Chapter Five: Wormhole X-Treme! Images of Space and Time
• Chapter Six: Between the Darkness and the Light: Babylon 5

Tue, 15 May 2018 15:21:33 -0500