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Grave of Light
New and Selected Poems, 1970–2005
Alice Notley

Wesleyan University Press


• Author’s Note
from Love Poems
"2/? Saturday”
• Friday Midnight Exactly
• Cold Poem
• I Hope I’m Not Here Next Year
from 165 Meeting House Lane
• 4.
• 15.
• 22.
• Dear Dark Continent
• Incidentals in the Day World
• Your Dailiness
• But He Says I Misunderstood
from Songs for the Unborn Second Baby
• from
• “Alice ordered me to be made”
• The Virtue of Uncreatedness
• Endless Day
• 30th Birthday
• January
• How Spring Comes
• Little Egypt
• Sonnet
• A California Girlhood
• Poem (“St. Mark’s Place caught at night in hot summer,”)
• When I Was Alive
• After Tsang Chih
• Today
• You
• The Goddess Who Created This Passing World
• Untitled
• “If she says that she’s the goddess Fortune”
• The World, All That Live & All That Occur
• Bus Stop
• Jack Would Speak Through the Imperfect Medium of Alice
• The Locket
• September’s Book
• A True Account of Talking to Judy Holiday, October 13
• Poem (“You hear that heroic big land music?”)
• The Prophet
• Desert for All of Music to Take Place
• Untitled (“Clouds, big ones oh it’s”)
• Flowers of the Foothills & Mountain Valleys
• World’s Bliss
• Waltzing Matilda
• Untitled (“All my life,”)
• Postcards
• White Evening Primrose
• Memorial Day
• Margaret and Dusty
• La Mort
• Congratulating Wedge
• The Ten Best Issues of Comic Books
• So Much
• Poem (“Why do I want to tell it”)
• Love,
• It Would
• Weekend Weather
• At Night the States
from Parts of a Wedding
“Corpus Sagrada”
• “in this Paradise”
• I the People
• “in the dark I”
• “More important than having been born is your city”
from Beginning with a Stain
“Beginning with a stain, as the Universe did perhaps”
• “I will never not make a sound not have made a sound”
• “Some people refuse to remember, & I”
• “Against all agony a bunch of flowers in the chest”
• “born in beauty born a loved one, before history”
• “They say something ruinous & tragic happened soon after”
• “Speaking firstly forever”
• “You haven’t saved me any time”
• ‘What does she think?’
• Homer’s Art
• Mother Mask
• White Phosphorus
from The Descent of Alette - [from Book One]
• “One day, I awoke” “& found myself on”
• “There was a woman” “in a station”
• “We couldn’t find” “our fathers—”
• “A mother” “& child”
• “When I was born,” “I was born now”
• “I once” “found an exit”
• “A car” “awash with blood”
• “I stood again” “on the platform”
• [from
Book Three]
• “‘It’s time to go,’ he said” “‘Go where?’”
• “As I stared down” “into the black lake”
• “The horizontal” “black void”
• “Talons tore me,” “tore my flesh”
• “When I awoke I” “was in darkness”
• “‘We will be silent” “& wait’”
• “I looked into the light” “directly”
• from
Close to Me & Closer . . . (The Language of Heaven)
• “I have to . . . talk to you. I have to tell you . . .”
• “I sit mute Nothing mutely”
• “They gave me, it seemed to me, an Initiation”
• “Why do we make”
• “When I say to you—I, almost, transfer a shape”
• “In eternity There is no story”
• “I’m . . . interested in, what of me there is . . . here.”
• “I’m going to tell you . . . a story.”
• “I don’t have to”
from Désamère - [from Amère and Desnos]
• ‘I dream,’ says dead desert Desnos”
• “‘See this piece of amber?’ Amère says to Brother”
• “Desnos says, ‘I dream I don’t die”
• [from
Desert Poems]
• I
• II
from Mysteries of Small Houses
Would Want to Be in My Wildlife
• One of the Longest Times
• As Good as Anything
• Choosing Styles—1972
• I Must Have Called and So He Comes
• The Trouble with You Girls
• Hematite Heirloom Lives On (Maybe December 1980)
• Mid-80’s
• Sept 17/Aug 29, '88
• 1992
• Lady Poverty
from Disobedience
• Help Me Corpus Sagrada
• The Islanders Remember That There Are no Women and no Men
• Red Fish
• Enuma Elish
from Reason and Other Women
Amid These Words I Can Know
• Parable of Christian
• Moses and the Burning Bush
• Jone Jonah
• Leaves
• Grave of Light
• Where Leftover Misery Goes
from Benediction
• Love
• Iphigenia
from Alma, or The Dead Women
Radical Feminist
• Beloved Earth Restrain Them
• Discredited
• Oath
• And Who Is Crying
• Cherokee
• Decomposition
• Ballad
from In the Pines
from Songs and Stories of the Ghouls
“There was power in that room. I saw”
• “The ghoul-girl. There was one to care for”
• “What she reports against you isn’t”
• “The city I founded I will found again”
• “What were you doing when I thought you were dead”
• “If you meet me here I was Lady”
• “Walking away turns to look over shoulder”
• “Black sequins compression”
• “I stand here in whose eyes”
• “Woman with antlers, deer-headed antlered woman”
• “If there’s change you put it into this sculpture’s slot"
• “Justice may appear in the”
• “No world is intact”
• List of Poems by Titles of First Publication
• Index of Titles and First Lines

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