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Dying for a Laugh
Disaster Movies and the Camp Imagination
Ken Feil

Wesleyan University Press


List of Tables and Illustrations
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• Recipes for Disaster: The Rise and Fall of the 1970s Disaster Movie
• From Disaster Parody to Parodic Disaster:
Gremlins, Ghostbusters and the Development of High Concept Camp
• Queering the Wreckage and Straightening Up: Camp, Stereotyping and the Late 1990s Disaster Cycle
• “The Movie Is Awful”:
Mars Attacks! and the Limits of High Concept Camp
• From Camp to Kitsch: 9/11, Taste, and the Imagination of Disaster
• Conclusion: Campy Disaster, Comic Book Movies, and
The Day After Tomorrow
Appendix: Camp Theory
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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