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The Begum's Millions
Jules Verne; Stanford L. Luce, trans.; Arthur B. Evans, ed.; Peter Schulman, intro.

Wesleyan University Press


A Note on the Translation
• Introduction
The Begum's Millions by Jules Verne
• Mr. Sharp Makes his Entrance
• Two Friends
• A News Item
• Divided by Two
• The City of Steel
• The Albrecht Mine
• The Central Block
• The Dragon's Lair
• Absent without Leave
• An Article from
Unsere Centurie, a German Journal
• Dinner at Dr. Sarrasin's
• The Council
• Letter from Marcel Bruckmann to Professor Schultze, Stahlstadt,
• Preparing for Combat
• The San Francisco Stock Exchange
• Two Frenchman against a City
• Explanations at Gunpoint
• The Kernel of Mystery
• A Family Affair
• Conclusion
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Jules Gabriel Verne: A Biography
• About the Contributors

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