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Musical Childhoods and the Cultures of Youth
Susan Boynton, ed.; Roe-Min Kok, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Acknowledgements
• Introduction – Susan Boynton
• The Sociomusical Role of Child Oblates at the Abbey of Cluny in the Eleventh Century – Susan Boynton & Isabelle Cochelin
• Imagining the Sacred Body: Choirboys, their Voices, and Corpus Christi in Early Modern Seville – Todd M. Borgerding
• Silent Music: The Apache Transformation of a Girl to a Woman – Anne Dhu McLucas
• Introduction – Roe-Min Kok
• Ravel’s Child: Magic and Moral Development – Steven Huebner
• Music for a Postcolonial Child: Theorizing Malaysian Memories – Roe-Min Kok
• Telling Histories: Memory, Childhood, and the Construction of Modern Griot Identity – Patricia Tang
• Destined for Greatness One Song at a Time: Coming of Age as a Korean
P’ansori Performer – Heather A. Willoughby
• Introduction – Roe-Min Kok
• “We are Changing the World!”
New German Folk Songs for the Free German Youth (1950) – Joy H. Calico
• Defining the "Children of the Nation": Three Stages of Children's Music in Modern Japan – Hermann Gottschewski & Machiko Gottschewski
• “And the Youth Shall See Visions”: Songleading, Summer Camps and Identity Among Reform Jewish Teenagers – Judah M. Cohen
• Afterword – Amanda Minks
• Bibliography
• About the Authors
• Index

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