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Same-Sex Marriage
The Legal and Psychological Evolution in America
Donald Cantor, Elizabeth Cantor, James C. Black, Campbell D. Barrett

Wesleyan University Press


• Preface
• A Note on Definitions
• The U.S Supreme Court: Five Cases and One Anomaly - Donald J. Cantor
• The Evolution of State Law toward Sexual Privacy - Donald J. Cantor
• The Evolution of Understanding Homosexuality within the Fields of Psychology and Psychiatry - Elizabeth Cantor
• Gays and Lesbians as Parents and Partners: The Psychological Evidence - Elizabeth Cantor
• Same-Sex Parents and Their Children's Development - James C. Black
• Homosexuality and Adoption - Campbell D. Barrett
• The Present Status of the Law of Marriage in the United States and Abroad - Campbell D. Barrett
• The Practical Benefits of Marriage - Donald J. Cantor
• Conclusion: The Case for Same Sex Marriage - Donald J. Cantor
• Notes
• References
• Index
• About the Authors

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