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A History of The Eclectic Society of Phi Nu Theta, 1837–1970
William B.B. Moody

Wesleyan University Press


• To the Reader
• Glossary
• List of Illustrations
• Chapter I: The Founding of the Eclectic Society of Phi Nu Theta
• Chapter II: The 1840s - The First Decade
• Chapter III: Eclectic in the 1850s
• Chapter IV: The Crisis of the 1860s
• Chapter V: Eclectic in the 1870s
• Chapter VI: The 1880s - A House of One’s Own
• Chapter VII: Eclectic in the 1890s
• Chapter VIII: The 1900s - A Temple Grander, Lovelier
• Chapter IX: The 1910s - The Great War
• Chapter X: Eclectic in the 1920s - The Roaring Decade
• Chapter XI: Eclectic in the 1930s
• Chapter XII: Eclectic in the 1940s - The Crisis of World War II
• Chapter XIII: Eclectic in the 1950s
• Chapter XIV: Eclectic in the 1960s - The Coming of the Great Change
• Epilogue
• Part I: Loose Ends
• Part II: The End of the Old Eclectic: Why?
• Appendices
• Bibliography
• Index

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