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Carriacou String Band Serenade
Performing Identity in the Eastern Caribbean
Rebecca S. Miller

Wesleyan University Press


• Figures
• Acknowledgments
• Chapter I: Introduction
• Chapter II: “Forward Ever, Backward Never!”: The People’s Revolutionary Government and the Makings of the Parang Festival
• Chapter III: Cultural Ambivalence: The Case of Carriacou Quadrille
• Chapter IV: Friday Night: The Hosannah Band Competition
• Chapter V: Break-Aways, Lavways, Calypso, and More: An Ethnography and Social History of Carriacou String Band Music
• Chapter VI: Melée!: The Sunday Evening String Band Competition
• Chapter VII: “Weself as One People:” Local Identity/Regional Belonging
• Bibliography/References Cited
• Interviews and Personal Communications

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