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Giving Girls a Place of Their Own
Laurie Lisle

Wesleyan University Press


• Dedication
• Preface: My Westover
• Acknowledgments
• Chapter One: Miss Hillard and her Era: Protestant and Progressive
• Chapter Two: Creating a School: “A Real Girls’ Republic”
• Chapter Three: The Art of Living: A Balanced Life
• Chapter Four: The Spirit of the School: Engaging Youthful Idealism
• Chapter Five: Louise Bulkley Dillingham: Becoming Miss D
• Chapter Six: Encouraging Independence: Democracy and Honor
• Chapter Seven: The Desire for Justice: Admitting Negro Students
• Chapter Eight: A Great Lady: Honors and Illness
• Chapter Nine: Days of Desperation: Rebellion and Falling Enrollment
• Chapter Ten: Regaining Balance: Finding the Courage to Continue
• Chapter Eleven: Classroom Innovations: Learning from Girls
• Chapter Twelve: Backlash: Defining the Difference
• Chapter Thirteen: The Ethic of Care: Defending Girls’ Schools
• Notes
• Index

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