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On Edge
Performance at the End of the Twentieth Century
C. Carr

Wesleyan University Press


• Introduction: Leaving Terra Firma
• Foreword to the Revised Edition
• Roped: A Saga of Art in Everyday Life: Linda Montano, Tehching Hsieh
• Before and After Science: Stelarc
• This is Only a Test: Chris Burden
• A Great Wall: Marina Abramovic, Ulay
• The Hot Bottom: Art and Artifice in the East Village
• Country Clubbing 8BC’s Pig Phest
• To Thine Own Self Be True: Ethyl Eichelberger
• Sex Gods, Ekstatic Women: John Sex, Nina Hagen, Dancenoise
• The Revolution That Won’t Be Televised: Michael Smith, Karen Finley,Harry Kipper, et al.
• R.I.P. 8BC The end of the never-ending talent show
• Art Crimes Cinema of Transgression, Outlaw Parties, et al.
• Loisada Talking Pictures: Ela Troyano
• The Queer Frontier: Holly Hughes, Carmelita Tropicana
• Disenchanted Evening: Donna Henes
• Big Bang Theory: Poppo Shiraishi
• Bad Company at the Love Club: Karen Finley, Carlo McCormick
• Help Thou Mine Unbelief The Church of the Little Green Man
• Nightclubbing The Tompkins Square Riot
• The Triumph of Neoism The Millionth Apartment Festival
• Don’t Make Me Over: Slaves of New York, Darius James
• Just Revolting: Missing Foundation
• Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts: The Taboo Art of Karen Finley
• The Lady Is a Dick: The Dyke Noir Theater of Holly Hughes
• Body Beautiful: Frank Moore
• Lydia Lunch Faces the Void
• Learning to Love the Monster: Jon Moritsugu, Johanna Went
• The Kipper Kids in Middle Age
• Life is a Killer: Joe Coleman
• Is That You? Fiona Templeton
• Deconstructing: Dixie Laurie Carlos, Jessica Hagedorn, Robbie McCauley
• A Crash of Symbols: Sherman Fleming, Kristine Stiles
• Two Birds with One Stone: Dancenoise
• A Public Cervix Announcement: Annie Sprinkle, the Smut Fest
• Revisions of Excess: The V-Girls, Blue Man Group
• An Artist Retreats from Rage: Rafael Montañez Ortiz
• Beauties and Beasts: Salley May, Ms. Make-Believe, David Lynch
• Radical Shriek: Diamanda Galas
• Simulacra Stops Here: The Border Arts Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo
• Redicovering America: Guillermo Gómez-Peña
• Talk Show: Robbie McCauley, Jeannie Hutchins
• A Cinema Against the Vérités: Shu Lea Cheang
• Am I a Camera? John Jesurun
• Am I Living in a Box? Ann Magnuson
• The Vanguard Moves to Melrose Place: Mel Chin and the GALA Committee
• The Heart of the Web: Nina Sobell, Emily Hartzell
• Call Her Ishmael: Laurie Anderson •An NEA Timeline (Just the Lowlights)
• Portrait of an Artist in the Age of aids: David Wojnarowicz
• The Sexual Politics of Censorship: Targeted Artists and the Wrathful Dads
• With Mapplethorpe in Cincinnati: “The Perfect Moment” on Trial
• The Adventures of Andre Serrano: in Pursuit of the White Supremacists
• Gross Indecency: The NEA Four Decision
• The Bohemian Diaspora
• In the Discomfort Zone: William Pope.L
• Dancing in the Streets: Yoshiko Chuma
• The Pain Artist: Bob Flanagan
• The World According to Jack Smith
• Men? Oh, Pause: Peggy Shaw
• The Statue of Libertines: Annie Sprinkle
• Washed in the Blood: Ron Athey
• Stripped Down: Zhang Huan
• The Rumble in dumbo: David Leslie
• Silence = Life: John Kelly
• The End of the Edge: An Epilogue
• Index

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