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Rococo and Other Worlds
Selected Poems
Afzal Ahmed Syed; Musharraf Ali Farooqi, trans.

Wesleyan University Press


• Rococo and Other Worlds
• Viewers’ Choice
• A Difficult Question
• A Corroded Pin
• The Spirit of the Lord
• The Inaugural Plaque is Stolen
• Spring Shall Return to the City
• It Could Never Be
• The Campaign to Introduce an Ice-Cream
• A Girl
• On A Political Party Being Allotted the Horse as its Election Symbol
• Britannicus
• Astronomy and the Poet
• A Beginning with Great Names
• A Dog’s Death
• Tell Me a Story
• Soldiers Seize Virgil’s Lands
• The Ultimate Profession
• If My Voice Is Not Reaching You
• The Last Date of Existence
• You Live In Lovely Orbs
• Poem
• Zarmeena
• The Genres of Poetry
• To Live is a Mechanistic Torture
• I Was Taken with an Indigo Flower
• Whom One Loves
• The Last Contention
• Has Love Been Mislaid
• Had We Not Sung the Song
• Poem
• Love
• A Parable
• Near Lavania
• Those Who Own the Filly
• A Couplet by Poet-Laureate Nubar Isbarian
• Step into My Parlor
• Poem
• I Was Not Born To This Destiny• from AN ARROGANT PAST—1984
• I Invented Poetry
• The Clay-mine
• I Was Not Given Life in Such Plenitude
• If Someone Would Remember Me
• What the Sea Said to You
• If They Could Learn
• To Live Another Day
• If I Do Not Return
• The Slaughter of Snow-Birds
• Inclination
• The Heart of a Poet
• The Dirge of a Rabid Dog

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