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Heroes for All Time
Connecticut Civil War Soldiers Tell Their Stories
Dione Longley, Buck Zaidel

Wesleyan University Press


Chapter One: Men of Connecticut!” War Begins, Spring, 1861
• Chapter Two: No One Dreamed of Anything but Victory
Bull Run, Summer, 1861
• Chapter Three: The Voice of Duty
A Long War Ahead, Autumn, 1861 to Summer, 1862
• Chapter Four: War by Citizen Soldiers
The Makings of an Army
• Chapter Five: I Never Knew What War Meant till Today
Antietam September, 1862
Chapter Six: Emancipation is a Mighty Word Freedom Arrives
Chapter Seven: No Men on Earth Can Be Braver Fredericksburg, December, 1862
• Chapter Eight: Who wouldn’t be a soldier?
Life in Camp
• Chapter Nine: All This Heroism, and All This Appalling Carnage
Fighting in Virginia and Louisiana, Spring and Summer, 1863
Chapter Ten: That Place Long to Be Remembered Gettysburg, Summer 1863
• Chapter Eleven: There Will Be No Turning Back
Stubborn Fighting, July 1863 to June 1864
• Chapter Twelve: Hope Never Dying
From the Siege of Petersburg to the Sea, June to December 1864
Chapter Thirteen: Our Army Perfectly Crazy On to Appomattox, 1865
Chapter Fourteen: Soldiers of the Union Mustered Out The Aftermath
• Illustration Credits
• Index

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