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Soul Talk, Song Language
Conversations with Joy Harjo
Joy Harjo, Tanaya Winder; Laura Coltelli, fwd.

Wesleyan University Press


• Foreword: A Carrier of Memory – Laura Coltelli
• Acknowledgments
• Becoming the Thing Itself, Interview with
Music, Poetry, and Stories: Returning to the Root Source, Interview with Rebecca Seiferle
• Exploring the Depths of Creation and Meaning, Interview with Simmons Buntin
• The Thirst for Artistic Brilliance, Interview with Pam Kingsbury
• In the Horizon of Light with Joy Harjo, Interview with Ruben Quesada
• Writing, Constructing the Next World, Interview with Bill Nevins
• Transcending Writing on Singing Wings, Interview with Tanaya Winder
• Song Language: Creating from the Heart, Out, Interview with Loriene Roy
• You Might as Well Dance, Interview with Harbour Winn, Elaine Smokewood, and John McBryde
• The Craft of Soul Talk, Interview with Susan Thornton Hobby
• Global Roots,
Muscogee Nation News, October 2006
• Identity,
Muscogee Nation News, December 2006
• Censorship and the Power of Images,
Muscogee Nation News, May 2007
• It’s Difficult Enough to Be Human,
Muscogee Nation News, June 2007
• Dehumanization Flatlines,
Muscogee Nation News, August 2007
• We Are Story Gatherers,
Muscogee Nation News, June 2008
• We Are the Earth,
Muscogee Nation News, August 2009
• A Way to Speak Their Souls,
Muscogee Nation News, February 2010
• Energy of the Transaction,
Muscogee Nation News, April 2010
• Watching the World Shift ,
Muscogee Nation News, July 2010
• Preface for
She Had Some Horses, From the second edition, W.W. Norton, 2009
• The Art of Resistance, Preface for
Indigenous People’s Journal of Law, Culture and Resistance, 2004
• Afterword for
The Delicacy and Strength of Lace, From the second edition, Graywolf Press, 2009
• In Honor of Patricia Grace,
World Literature Today, May–June 2009
• I Used to Think a Poem Could Become a Flower, Introduction to
Ploughshares, December 2004
• Talking with the Sun, From
This I Believe, July 2007
• About the Authors

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