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Making the News, Taking the News
From NBC to the Ford White House
Ron Nessen

Wesleyan University Press


• Introduction
• The
Mal Jaune
Golf in Palm Springs, Death in Saigon
• “You Lied to Me!”
• Weekends in Austin
• “We Shall Overcome”
• A Change of Plans
• The Five O’Clock Follies
• Baptism by Fire
• Cindy and the Two Apple Troupe
• Tet and Other Horrors
• “I Don’t Want to Die”
• The Cease-Fire That Wasn’t
• Around the World in Eighty Stories
• “Nattering Nabobs of Negativism”
• “Our Long National Nightmare Is Over”
• The President Next Door
• Changing Sides
• The First Days
• The Ghost Who Wouldn’t Go Away
• The First Lady
• “WIN” and Other Economic Disasters
• Too Much Vodka, Too Much Nicole
• Slippery Slopes
• The CIA Did WHAT?!
• Speech Writing or Speech Fighting
• Kicking Around Ron
• Testing the President’s Resolve
• Stumbles and Changes
• To Helsinki and Beyond
• Nine Lives
• “Ford to New York: Drop Dead!”
• State of the World, State of the Union, State of My Marriage
• “Live from New York”
• Ford vs. Reagan
• “One Actor Is Enough”
• Swine Flu and Other Maladies
• Does the Soviet Union Dominate Eastern Europe?
• The Race to the Wire
• The End
• About the Author
• Illustrations follow pages 84 and 180

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