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Apples from Shinar
Hyam Plutzik; David Scott Kastan, afterword

Wesleyan University Press


• Because the Red Osier Dogwood
• The Dream About Our Master
• To My Daughter
• I am Disquieted
• As the Great Horse
• If Casualty is Impossible
• The Old War
• The Premonition
• Jim Desterland
• After Looking into a Book
• The Geese
• The Mythos of Samuel Huntsman
• Beware, Saunterer
• The Airman Who Flew Over
• The Priest Ekranath
• I Imagined a Painter
• The Bass
• The Importance of Poetry
• Winter, Never Mind Where
• The Zero That is All
• For T.S.E. Only
• A New Explanation of the Quietude
• Portrait
• Requiem for Edward Carrigh
• And in the 51st Year
• Man and Tree
• Of Objects Considered as Fortresses
• A Philosopher on a Mountain
• Trio for Two Voices and a Woodwind
• The Mythos of the Man From Enoch
• The Milkman
• The Last Fisherman
• The Shepherd (from
• Afterword by David Scott Kastan

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