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The Hollywood Comedies of Frank Tashlin
Ethan de Seife

Wesleyan University Press


• Preface: Tashlin Resurgent
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction: The Director Who Wasn’t
• Tish-Tash in Cartoonland
• Tashlin, Comedy, and the “Live-Action Cartoon”
• “Hurry up! This is impossible!”: Tashlin’s Early Feature Films
• The Artist and His Model: Tashlin and Jerry Lewis in the 1950s
• The Director and the Bombshell: Tashlin and Jayne Mansfield
• Disorderly Conduct: Tashlin in the 1960s
• The Man in the Middle: Tashlin, Auteurs, and Programmers
• Who’s Minding the Store?: Tashlin’s Influence
• Appendix: Frank Tashlin’s Creative Work
• Notes
• Index

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:09 -0500