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What Is Amazing
Heather Christle

Wesleyan University Press


The Seaside!
• Self-Portrait with Fire
• Teamwork Should Come from the Soul 3
• If You Go into the Woods You Will Find It Has a Technology
• People Are a Living Structure Like a Coral Reef
• Moss Does Not Love Other Moss
• No Light and No Hands
• An Activity
• How Like an Island
• More of Form Is More of Content
• It Is Like Surgery But It Is Not Surgery
• Talk Radio
• Taxonomy of That November
• Way out in the Country
• I’ll Be Me and You Be Goethe
• More Swans and More Women
• Such a Lovely Garden
• Wallpaper Everywhere Even the Ceiling
• We Are Not Getting Anywhere
• The Small Husband
• Bash
• Saturday
• It Feels Like It Is on Purpose
• Up Again with the Night
• The Angry Faun
• In Accordance
• The Spider
• Difficulties
• I Am Coming Over
• A Very Remarkable Story
• And Then We Clap Ourselves Together
• What Is Amazing
• What Will Grow Here
• Happy and Glorious
• Parking Lot
• Go and Play Outside
• Some Combinations
• I will Know You by Your Red Carnation
• Ladies a Basket
• Last Time I Wore This Sweater
• For Henri
• To Do
• Infinitives
• Route 109
• Classic Hook Shape
• Under the Moon the Knocking
• Directly at the Sun
• A Long Life
• Basic All Things Bright and Beautiful
• Acknowledgments

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