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Alvin Lucier
A Celebration
Andrea Miller-Keller, ed.; Alvin Lucier, contrib.; Michael Roth, intro.; Nicolas Collins, contrib.; Ronald Kuivila, contrib.

Wesleyan University Press


Introduction, by Michael S. Roth
• In Appreciation, by Pamela Tatge
• Symposium, with commentary
• Vespers, by Nicolas Collins
• Alvin in Albany, by Ron Kuivala
• The Early Years: Excerpts from an interview with Alvin Lucier, by Andrea Miller-Keller
• Concerts, with commentary by Alvin Lucier
• Alvin Lucier (and His Artist friends)
• Exhibition Checklist, by Andrea Miller-Keller
• Biographies
• Acknowledgments

Tue, 15 May 2018 15:21:34 -0500