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Through the Eyes of a Dancer
Selected Writings
Wendy Perron

Wesleyan University Press


List of Illustrations
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• One Route from Ballet to Postmodern
• Barbara Lloyd (Dilley)
• Followable Dancing: Mary Overlie and David Gordon
• People Improvisation: Grand Union
• Consuming Determination: Lucinda Childs
• Older Is Better
• Exporting SoHo
• Improvisation: The Man Who Gets Away with It—
Radio Host James Irsay
• Only an Illusion: On Street Performers
• Starting from Nothing: Michael Moschen
• Masters of Surprise—
Mikhail Baryshnikov and Fred Astaire
• Interview with Susan Sontag: On Writing, Art, Feminism, Life, and Death
• Dumb Art: Beautiful but Not Too Bright
• Bausch, Brecht, and Sex:
Kontakthof by Pina Bausch
• The Structure of Seduction
• Book Review:
The Intimate Act of Choreography
• The Holes in
Tin QuizNotes on My Duet
• Containing Differences in Time—
My Choreographic Process
• Shoot for the Moon, but Don’t Aim Too Hard—
On J.D. Salinger
• Beware the Egos of Critics
• Trisha Brown on Tour
• American Dance Guild Concert Review
• Love Is the Crooked Thing: Paris Opéra Ballet
• Book Review: Jill Johnston’s
Marmalade Me Reissued
• Looking Back on the “Embodiment of Ecstasy”—
Sara Rudner
• The Power of Stripping Down to Nothingness—
The Butoh Diaspora
• The New Russia: Sasha Pepelyaev’s Kinetic Theatre
• V. FROM 2000 TO 2004
• Seeing Balanchine, Watching Whelan
• Merce at Martha@Mother—
Richard Move
• Moving, Joyfully and Carefully, into Old Age
• An Improbable Pair on a Quest into the Past—
Baryshnikov and Rainer
Katherine Dunham: One-Woman Revolution
• Martha Clarke: Between Terror and Desire
• Misha’s New Passion: Judson Dance Theater
• Living with AIDS: Six Dancers Share Their Stories
• Irina Loves Maxim—
ABT’s Russian Couple
• Twyla Tharp: Still Pushing the Boundaries
• The Struggle of the Black Artist to Dance Freely
• A Dance Turns Darker, Its Maker More American—
Patricia Hoffbauer
• Paying Heed to the Mysteries of Trisha Brown
• East (Coast) Meets West (Coast): Eiko & Koma Collaborate with Anna Halprin
• Bill T. Jones Searches for Beauty, and a New Home
• Snip, Snip: Dance, Too, Needs Editing
• Batsheva Dance Company:
Naharin’s Virus
• Kirov Classics Hit and Miss
• Way Up High, Soaring, Floating, Diving, Dancing—
Joanna Haigood
• Russia Makes Room for Contemporary Dance
• Wendy Whelan: The Edgy Ballerina
• VI. FROM 2004 TO 2007
• Tere O’Connor Dance
• Lori Belilove and the Isadora Duncan Dance Company
• Susan Marshall & Company
• Stan Won’t Dance
• Urban Bush Women
• Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People
• American Ballet Theatre
• Book Review:
Feelings Are Facts: A Life, by Yvonne Rainer
• New York City Ballet: Winter Season 2007
• Enchanted by Cuba
• VII. FROM 2007 TO 2012
• A Brave, Illuminating, Terrific New Book—
Carolyn Brown on Cunningham and Cage
• New York City Ballet: Winter Season 2008
• New Works Festival: San Francisco Ballet
• Akram Khan’s
• Flamenco Master in Silence: Was Israel Galván Improvising?
• Trey McIntyre Project
• Pacific Northwest Ballet: All Tharp
• Boston Ballet: Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes Centennial Celebration
• Spoleto Festival (Festival dei 2Mondi)
• The Forsythe Company:
• Twyla’s New Musical Flies, But . . .
• International Exposure—
The Tel Aviv Festival
• Lemi Ponifasio
Necessary Weather (revival)—Dana Reitz and Sara Rudner
• Why Don’t Women Make Dances Like That Any More?
• Blogging about the Process of Choreography—Ugh!
• The Times They Are A-Changin’
• Biennale de la Danse de Lyon
• Ralph Lemon
• Crystal Pite
• Politeness: Is It Crucial to the Future of Ballet?
• National Ballet of Canada
• Is Appropriation the Same as Stealing and Why Is It Happening More Now?
• Is There a Blackout on
Black Swan’s Dancing?
• Putting the
Black Swan Blackout in Context
• Can a Floor Give You Spiritual Energy? Ask Jared Grimes
• Eiko & Koma: The Unnatural Side of Communing with Nature
• Merce’s Other Legacy
• A Debate on Snark
• The Joffrey Ballet
• Afterword
• Credits
• Index

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