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Green Planets
Ecology and Science Fiction
Gerry Canavan, ed.; Kim Stanley Robinson, ed.

Wesleyan University Press


• Preface
• Introduction: If This Goes On — Gerry Canavan
• PART 1 — Arcadias and New Jerusalems
• Extinction, Extermination, and the Ecological Optimism of H.G. Wells —Christina Alt
• Evolution and Apocalypse in the Golden Age — Michael page
• Daoism, Ecology, and World Reduction in Le Guin’s Utopian Fictions — Gib Prettyman
• Biotic Invasions: Ecological Imperialism in New Wave Science Fiction — Rob Latham
• PART 2 — Brave New Worlds and Lands of the Flies
• “The Real Problem of a Spaceship Is Its People”: Spaceship Earth as Ecological Science Fiction — Sabine H
• The Sea and Eternal Summer: An Australian Apocalypse — Andrew Milner
• Care, Gender, and the Climate-Changed Future: Maggie Gee’s
The Ice People — Adeline Johns-Putra
• Future Ecologies, Current Crisis: Ecological Concern in South African Speculative Fiction — Elzette Steenkamp
• Ordinary Catastrophes: Paradoxes and Problems in Some Recent Post-Apocalypse Fictions — Christopher Palmer
• PART 3 — Quiet Earths, Junk Cities, and the Cultures of the Afternoon
• “The Rain Feels New”: Ecotopian Strategies in the Short Fiction of Paolo Bacigalupi — Eric C. Otto
• Life after People: Science Faction and Ecological Futures — Brent Bellamy and Imre Szeman
• Pandora’s Box:
Avatar, Ecology, Thought — Timothy Morton
• Churning Up the Depths: Nonhuman Ecologies of Metaphor in
Solaris and “Oceanic”: — Melody Jue
• Afterword: Still, I’m Reluctant to Call This Pessimism — Gerry Canavan and Kim Stanley Robinson
• Of Further Interest
• About the Contributors
• Index

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