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The Glory Gets
Honorée Fanonne Jeffers

Wesleyan University Press


Singing Counter
• Draft of an Ex-Colored Letter Sent Home From the Post-Race War Front
• I End the Winter
• Apologia for Something
• My Father as Walter Lee Younger
• Try to Hide
Mammy Know
• Portrait D’une Négresse
• Light
Magdalene Brings
• Magdalene Begins to See Jesus
• What Jesus Said to Magdalene at Their Last Meal
• Magdalene’s Wait
• Magdalene on the Third Day
Memory of Vision of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans (1996)
• Memory of Ancestral Vision (2006)
• Angry Black Woman in Root Worker Drag
• After, We’ll Read the Bible
• Job to His Daughter Jemima
• [Faith is a virgin wrist]
• [Today you spoke to me]
• [Before I came to you]
• [And how does God come]
• [There is only]
• [I recall four words]
• [There is some blessedness]
The Glory Gets
• Female Surgery
• My 4:15pm Shrink's Appointment on Thursday
• Memory of One Day in a Kitchen
• Birthright
• Patience
If Free, Then
• Notes
• Gratitude
• Publication Acknowledgments and Credits

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