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Riverview Hospital for Children and Youth
A Culture of Promise
Richard J. Wiseman

Wesleyan University Press


• Foreword, by Louis Ando
• Author’s Note and Acknowledgments
• On the Way Up the Hill
• A Place to Start
• A New Home
• A New Direction
• Children Do Not Belong in Psychiatric Hospitals!
• A New Name
• The Evolution of a Milieu
• Children’s School
• Recreation in the Children’s Unit
• Adolescence
• Teamwork
• Identity
• Post-Merger
• A Broader View of Change
• Addressing the Mood in the Milieu
• The Next Generation
• Excerpts from
The Behavioral Learning Environment Unit: BLEUA Handbook and Training Manual Prepared for the Staff at Connecticut Valley Hospital Children’s Unit
• Excerpts from
ABCD Program—Staff Manual
• Excerpts from
Sunburst Program Manual
• Notes
• Bibliography

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